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 Accepting Applications for Next Year


Our child care center offers easy and convenient enrollment services, allowing parents to secure a spot for their child quickly and easily. We make it our priority to make the enrollment process as stress-free as possible, and our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Enroll today and give your child the best start in life

For more information call or visit

50 Diamond Loop

Kingstree, SC 29556

(843) 382-2050


At On Us Early Learning, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child. With our First Step 4k application, you can trust that your little one will get the best care and early education. Join us today and give your child the head start they deserve


Nurturing Environment

With comforts from home to create a warm home like environment with calm colors and soft fabrics to reduce tension and makes it easier for young children to transition successfully.

Exceptional Education

Our teachers work hand-in-hand with our curriculum for a unique learning experience for every child. This process develops children’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional creative abilities through skill-targeted learning. Our skill-based approach helps children reach important developmental milestones as well as teach them how to problem solve and critical think.


Fun-Filled Days

Children learn best when they’re having fun. The flexibility built into our curriculum allows our teachers to modify learning activities to match interests, needs, and learning style of each students. Went want your child’s first education experience to be engaging, challenging and fun so that they develop a lifelong love for learning.

Contact Us About Enrollment

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