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Color Pencils

Infants 6 weeks to 1-year Program

Our infant to one-year old program shall allow your child to discover things using all five senses. They will learn to imitate simple actions, learn new toys, explore colors, sounds and many words while playing with other children. We shall focus on five developmental skills such as Language Development, Functioning, Social & Emotional Development, Physical & Cognitive Development.

Language Development

  • make early attempts at speaking

  • learn to understand a variety of words by listening, observing, and engaging

  • use sounds and gestures to express needs, wants, and interests

  • listening to read aloud

Social & Emotional Development

  • recognizing self in a mirror

  • bonding with adults

  • express feelings through emotions

  • interaction skills with other children

Cognitive Development

  • using the five senses to explore, observe and imitate

  • present certain actions for a response

  • think about items that are familiar

  • reading books and audio

Functioning Development

  • memory skills

  • sounds and pointing

  • work on attention span for a short period of time

  • using body parts to move

Physical Development

  • coordination with movement, crawling, turning over and standing

  • trying new foods that are healthy

  • washing hands and following simple instructions

  • taking first steps and using the push toys

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Color Pencils
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