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Color Pencils

2-year old to 3-year old Program

Our two and three year-old program allow your child to discover the world and the environment around them. Much of the activities are created to push boundaries, create independence, and explore their curiosity to effortless limits. We shall focus on six developmental skills such as Articulation & Literacy Development, Functioning, Social & Emotional Development, Physical & Cognitive Development, and Creative Expressions.

Articulation & Literacy Development

  • pronounce words using sounds and having conversations with adults

  • building understanding through words based on reading books and audio

  • explore writing by tracing, scribbling, and coloring pictures

  • learning how to count and know colors in English and Spanish

Social & Emotional Development

  • learning how to share and expressing likes and dislikes

  • being able to express their needs

  • notice others that are upset and wanting to help

  • expressing emotions when something happens

Cognitive Development

  • learn different sizes and volume

  • sort objects and make piles of different toys

  • learn how to put up toys and clean their space

  • explore cause and effect by discovering new ways to play with toys

Functioning Development

  • following simple rules throughout the day

  • potty training process with learning to sit on potty

  • increasing interactions with others

  • increase interaction with adults

Physical Development

  • learn to run, jump and gallop around

  • play games that develop throwing and kicking skills

  • the ability to wash hands and dry them

  • start to communicate at mealtime using simple words

Creative Expressions

  • create through coloring and drawings

  • create through arts and craft projects

  • interact through music, dance and singing songs that rhymes

  • creative expressions through learning, field trips and props

Color Pencils
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