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Color Pencils

Youth afterschool Program

On Us Early Learning is a full service child care and early learning center that provides quality care for children from infancy to school age. We also offer a variety of youth afterschool programs to help build a strong foundation for the future of our youth. Our focus is to ensure that each of our students is provided with the best possible care and learning environment.

By providing the highest level of care, we strive to create an atmosphere of safety and support that promotes the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of every child. Through our programs, we strive to help our students achieve their highest potential in life.

Articulation & Literacy Development

  • identify and name five to ten letters and sounding them out

  • recognize their names and start writing letters

  • having longer conversations with adults and children

  • learning how to count and know colors in English and Spanish

Physical Development

  • learn to run, jump, galloping around and hoping

  • trace letters and simple shapes, showing right hand or left hand preferences

  • self-care skills such as undressing to use the toilet and remembering to wash hands

  • take on simple activities independently like setting the table with cups and plates and continue until the task is done

Creative Expressions

  • create through coloring and drawings of animals, peoples, and places

  • create through arts and craft projects

  • interact through music, dance and singing songs with complex rhymes

  • creative expressions through learning, field trips and props

Social & Emotional Development

  • building relationship with other children

  • being able to express their needs without aggression

  • discuss and imitate different emotions into pretend play

Cognitive Development

  • learn different sizes and volume

  • connecting numbers and letters to form pictures

  • learn how to put up toys and clean their space

  • explore science experiments by adults

Color Pencils
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