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School Trip in Forest

After school Programs & Summer Camp

Onus Early Learning Center Inc Summer Camp is created to open to children ages 6 years old to 15 years old. Our teachers shall focus on six developmental skills such as Articulation & Literacy Development, Social & Emotional Development, Physical & Cognitive Development, and Creative Expressions even after school.


Our summer camp focuses on Academics, Socialization Skills, Arts & Crafts, and Field Trips. Our goals are promoting learning in an atmosphere that is fun and educational. Our Summer Camp is from June 15th -August 15th from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.


  • working on mathematics skills based on grade level

  • working on reading skills to assist with grade level and accuracy

  • science projects and experiments

Arts & Crafts

  • drawing, coloring, and creative writing

  • music, dance, and talent show

  • art projects

Socialization Skills

  • team building activities that allows them to communicate effectively

  • conflict resolution: how to handle issues without being verbal aggressive

  • active listening skills: how to listen and follow instructions efficiently

  • expressions thorough body language: facial expressions, gestures, and nonverbal communication

  • how to make friends and working together as a team player

Field Trips

  • Onus Early Learning Center Inc shall have educational and fun field trips throughout the summer camp. The Summer Camp shall send out correspondence to each parent of the day of the field trip and what is needed for their child on that day.

School Trip in Forest
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