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Color Pencils

4-year old Pre-K Program

Onus Early Learning Center Inc pre-k program is for 4 year old only. In this program we shall teach skills to prepare them for kindergarten. Our teachers shall

We shall focus on six developmental skills such as Articulation & Literacy Development, Social & Emotional Development, Physical & Cognitive Development, and Creative Expressions.

Articulation & Literacy Development

  • identify and name five to ten letters and sounding them out

  • recognize their names and start writing letters

  • having longer conversations with adults and children

  • learning how to count and know colors in English and Spanish

Physical Development

  • learn to run, jump, galloping around and hoping

  • trace letters and simple shapes, showing right hand or left hand preferences

  • self-care skills such as undressing to use the toilet and remembering to wash hands

  • take on simple activities independently like setting the table with cups and plates and continue until the task is done

Creative Expressions

  • create through coloring and drawings of animals, peoples, and places

  • create through arts and craft projects

  • interact through music, dance and singing songs with complex rhymes

  • creative expressions through learning, field trips and props

Social & Emotional Development

  • building relationship with other children

  • being able to express their needs without aggression

  • discuss and imitate different emotions into pretend play

Cognitive Development

  • learn different sizes and volume

  • connecting numbers and letters to form pictures

  • learn how to put up toys and clean their space

  • explore science experiments by adults

Color Pencils
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